O r g a n i c W o r l d


W e o n l y v i n i f y o u r o w n g r a p e s

We only produce wine from our own grapes with great respect for this unique territory, Tenuta Baràc has integrated its working style with the surrounding environment, creating an environmentally sustainable business that maintains an oasis of biodiversity by practising organic farming.
Care and respect for the environment
are part of our culture and philosophy. Our deep gratitude for the earth is a fundamental part of the spirit that guides us: it has always offered us its fruits and it is our duty to reciprocate its rich generosity.


Our 12 hectares of organically cultivated vineyards represent our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that healthy soil produces grapes of a superior quality, which translate into fine wines. We achieve this by avoiding the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetically modified organisms. Instead, we opt for prefer farming practices that favour natural balance, biodiversity and the well-being of the soil.

12 hectares of organically

c u l t i v a t e d v i n e y a r d s


"Care and respect for the environment are an integral part of the culture and philosophy of our business”

– Alberto Bonelli


Tenuta Barac is located within the Langhe: World Heritage Site.

Tenuta Barac is located within the Langhe: World Heritage Site.

Our dedication to organic farming goes beyond the production of high-quality wines. We believe it is vital to preserve the natural balance of the environment that surrounds us. La Tenuta is a true reserve for native fauna and flora. Wild boar, roe deer, hares, badgers and foxes can be found in our woods. 

Organic Farming

Welcome to the wonderful world of organic farming at Tenuta Baràc, where nature and sustainability come together to create exquisite products.


Tenuta Baràc is not simply a vineyard, but
an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where organic farming reveals its beauty
and authenticity. You can purchase bottles of the wine we produce through our online shop by
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Experience the Langhe!

Discover all the experiences that Tenuta Baràc has to offer! Enjoy tasting fine wines, explore the vineyards by bicycle and allow yourself to be enchanted by the beauty of the Langhe. We are ready to accompany you as you experience unforgettable moments in a unique and authentic setting.