E x p e r i e n c e s


What to do at Tenuta Baràc

The activities available at Tenuta Baràc are countless. Some guests are enticed by the tranquillity of the estate and don’t stray too far, relaxing in the large garden enjoying the beautiful sunshine, strolling among the rows of vines.
A charming network of cycling routes runs from the farmhouse across the countryside and through towns and villages rich in history and culture. This is an enchanted area where the allure and beauty of nature combine with gastronomy, art and traditions.

The lovely greenery is an integral part of the experience: contact with nature becomes an experience of health and well-being.

T a s t i n g s

€25 per person / 1-hour tour

Tenuta Baràc offers a tour to discover the wines it produces on site, which come from integrated agriculture and are part of the “Green Experience” project. 

The wine tours include a visit to the winery where technology and tradition coexist in a new and evocative environment. Our Wine Expert will lead your “oenological wine journey”, always keen to describe not only the wines but also their stories.

V e s p a t o u r s

Who could resist the idea of exploring the fascinating hills of the Langhe on a Vespa, immersing oneself in an experience that is pure magic? Imagine the sun warming your face, the wind gently enveloping you and breathtaking landscapes unfolding before your eyes. You can experience all this and much more on our extraordinary Vespa Tour!

B i k e h i r e

The staff at Tenuta Baràc are happy to help guests to discover local nature trails, or to organise e-bike adventures through woods and hills rich with flora and fauna. Pedalling among the beautiful contours of the Langhe, among vineyards and hazelnuts, is a unique experience, which is why we offer an e bike rental service for those who love travelling on two wheels. The itineraries are varied and pass through some of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

T r u f f l e s

Guests at the farmhouse can enjoy truffle hunting, guided by expert Trifulau
(“truffle hunters” in the local dialect) and
the nose of their trusty dogs, the Tabui.
The White Truffle of Alba is the hidden treasure of the Langhe forests. It’s a world famous delicacy that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Thin slices accompanied by the famous wines of the Piedmont, the White Truffle of Alba lends an unmistakable aroma to typical Langhe dishes (the famous Piedmontese tajarin – tagliolini pasta with truffles) like no other mushroom in the world.